VoIP Phone Extensions

We provide free VoIP Phone Extensions. They work just like any regular phone, but use a broadband connection. That means you can use them anywhere you have Internet.

  • Make and receive phone calls. VoIP extensions work just like a regular phone.
  • We don't charge you a 'per seat' fee for adding VoIP extensions like other companies. Add as many as you want, they are free.
  • Calls between VoIP extensions are free and work just like any office phone system.
  • We support HD (High Definition) voice on VoIP phone extensions, with sound quality similar to a CD.
  • VoIP phone extensions can be moved around, use them in any location, wherever there is broadband.
  • Get the benefit of cheaper calls.
  • From FREE per month

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  • Works like a regular phone
  • From FREE per month
  • HD quality
  • Use anywhere
  • Cheaper calls
  • And, loads more ..
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Henry needs a VoIP phone with call forwarding.

Example - A VoIP Phone for Henry's Home Office

Henry works from his home office. He needs to make and receive calls occasionally for work, but doesn't want to give out his personal landline or mobile phone number. Besides, it wouldn't look professional if the kids were answering the phone!

Here's the phone service Henry needs:

  • A phone line in his home office.
  • Forwarding to his mobile when he's out.
  • No disturbances after 6pm.

Here's how Press1 solved it for Henry:

Henry bought himself a VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephone for his home office, then set it up as a Press1 extension. Henry set his extension so any missed calls would forward to his mobile. He then used a time switch brick to deal with calls after 6pm.

Callflow for a VoIP phone with call forwarding in a home office

Henry's Phone Service Cost

Here's some other benefits for Henry.

  • He can change things whenever he wants with a few clicks.
  • He doesn't need to pay any line rental.
  • He gets low cost calls.

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