Edinburgh 0131 Virtual Phone Numbers

We provide Edinburgh 0131 Virtual Phone Numbers you can forward anywhere, using just your Web browser. They work just like any Edinburgh 0131 landline number without being tied to a premises (callers will never know the difference).

  • We provide a single place to manage all your Edinburgh 0131 virtual phone numbers; we can provide you with complete UK coverage or international virtual phone numbers.
  • You may route calls from your Edinburgh 0131 virtual number directly to any mobile, landline or VoIP phone. You also have the option to use some of the more advanced Press1 features like call screening or virtual receptionist to handle your calls.
  • Having a Edinburgh 0131 virtual number is much more flexible than a regular phone number. Why? Because you simply have to login to our website to change where the call is received, 24/7- 365 days a year.
  • Virtual phone numbers also have more capacity, you are not limited by the number of phone lines supplied.
  • A Edinburgh 0131 number costs only £4.99 per month (all features included).

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  • Edinburgh 0131 number 4.99/mth
  • Includes FREE 0844 number
  • Answer on any phone
  • Web changes 24/7
  • No porting headaches
  • And, loads more ..
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Example - A Virtual Phone Number for Start-up Suzy

Suzy is starting a new business, and she really needs to keep overheads down. She's sometimes at home but often on the move. Suzy wants a dedicated business number that can follow her around.

Here's the phone service Suzy needs:

  • A low cost option.
  • A London phone number that rings her home line, then her mobile if she's out.
  • A professional work voicemail service.
  • A way to know the call is a 'work call'.
  • Suzy is happy to use her mobile or home line for making calls, she's not looking for an outbound phone line.
Suzy needs a virtual phone number and voicemail

Here's how Press1 solved it for Suzy:

With Press1 Suzy created two extensions, one for her home line and one for her mobile. Then she connected her extensions together and added a voicemail for when she can't take calls. Suzy used the 'whisper' feature to recognise a 'work call'. It took Suzy about five minutes to get set up.

Callflow for a virtual phone number and voicemail

Suzy's Phone Service Cost

Here are some other benefits for Suzy:

  • She can change things whenever she wants with a few clicks.
  • She will have no headaches, and more importantly no additional costs, if she moves her business from home to a different premises as everything is in the cloud.
  • She receives her voicemail to her email, so there's no need to dial in.

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