How to record a professional recording for your Virtual Switchboard

The first impression a new customer gets when they call your company is the switchboard greeting. Do your brand justice by ensuring your recorded voice greeting is as professional as it can be. Whilst Press1 can provide professionally recorded voice greetings from£15 here are some tips if you wish to do it yourself:

  • Use a quality microphone for best results
  • Don’t talk directly into the mic or you will get ‘pops’
  • Sit yourself comfortably upright and maintain the same distance to the mic
  • Breath normally
  • Do a few practice runs
  • Don’t speak too quickly, callers need a chance to listen
  • Place the FULL TEXT you are recording on the computer screen in clear view using a legible font (you should not have to scroll) or print to a sheet of paper
  • A good recording program to use is Audacity, it’s free – video for using here –
  • The native format for recording is 8Khz PCM mono, use this or the recording will be re-sampled leading to loss of quality
  • If you don’t have a mic on your computer, you can dial into your switchboard and use the voicemail feature to record a file. You will receive voicemail attached to your email which can be uploaded to the ‘recordings’ page

As a special offer this week we are offering 1 free professional recording (up to 50 words) with every new switchboard. (Offer not valid if promotional discount is being used). Sign up today and mention this offer to us.