12 ways you could use a virtual switchboard

  1. Make your company look bigger than it is. Say you have a sales, finance and customer service department
  2. Intelligently route calls to the relevant departments, saving costs of a receptionist
  3. Measure and test advertising campaigns. Use different numbers in different adverts
  4. Prevent future hassle when moving office, your number is re-rerouted at the click of a mouse
  5. Make use of remote workers but let your customer think you are all in the same place
  6. Don’t forget your bright ideas – leave yourself voicemails from your mobile when on the road
  7. Have a consistent voice and message which is on brand for all customers
  8. If you have a restaurant, save staff time by recording your the menus to the switchboard
  9. Stop customer ‘on hold’ frustration while the receptionist speaks to someone else
  10. Automate and appointment bookings, for example doctor surgeries or trade quotation requests
  11. Dictate a voicemail to your secretary and have it ready and typed when you arrive in the office
  12. Provide a ‘secret option’ for priority customers to reach you