Press1's virtual switchboard offers small businesses greater flexibility in call management.

With Press 1’s virtual switchboard, small businesses can now offer quicker customer service whilst saving thousands of pounds with their own automated telephone switchboard.

A common difficulty that small business owners share has been trying to juggle the day to day operations and logistics of their company while having to man and answer their business phone. Phone calls at inconvenient times of the day, missing important calls when out of the office, giving out company information over and over again all takes up valuable time – time which could be converted into money!

With the help of Internet technology there is now a simple solution for this problem.

Small businesses can now avail of Press 1’s virtual switchboard that provides a call management system allowing them to have full control of their incoming calls.
With a range of fantastic features to choose from, using a system like this will allow the small business to manage incoming calls using methods such as call forwarding, voice playback, message collection and email alerts with caller ID, anytime their phone rings. It is hosted online relieving small business owners of large hardware and instillation costs. It gives them the means to easily separate and manage their calls before they are even answered via a phone menu. provides a user friendly, online account giving the user full access to control and configure their system 24/7, from anywhere – all that’s needed is a PC on hand!

Andrew Fleury, Managing Director of says, “I was delighted to find Press1 as it had everything I was looking for in a phone system. I think it really saves us some time as we have separated our support and sales calls. I would encourage anyone to try the service, it takes just a few minutes to set up, it’s easy to do, and it’s free to try. Signing up to press1 is also much more cost effective for us than the other options we were considering”.

With Press 1’s online switchboard services, small companies can now boost their credibility by giving their callers the kind of response they would expect from a larger company.

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