UPDATE: SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT 16/12/2011 – Password Reset

Update 19/12/2011

On full investigation the source of the suspected security breach was discovered to be an internal application and NOT an external threat.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by having your password unnecessarily reset, however it’s an important precaution to protect your account when a suspected breach is detected.
Thank you for your understanding.


We had a compromised web server on our network this morning (16/12/2011).

We are still investigating the source of the breach, only systems affected were the account web-login platform.

We are not aware that any password data was compromised, however as a precautionary measure we have reset your web login password.

You will need to use PASSWORD RECOVERY to get access to your account.  If you have any problems please contact the support desk.

We will post any further information updates here.