More new features and improvements on Press1 switchboards

We’re delighted to announce some great new features and improvements on our Press1 virtual switchboard.

  • Custom Call Whisper Recordings
  • Call Forward with Confirmation
  • Pressed Digit Included in Voicemail
  • Improved Notifications
  • Google Analytics Integration

Custom Call Whisper Recordings

Call whisper is a feature which allows the called party hear a ‘line announcement’ before the call is answered, allowing the caller prepare for the call.
Previously the line announcement was fixed at “line 1”, “line 2” etc.. and you needed to remember if “line 1” was sales or support…

We’ve updated this  feature to allow custom recordings for each ‘line’

How to use it:
Login to your Press1 control panel and scroll down to the end of the ‘Recordings’ page. You will see recordings labeled “Whisper x:”, upload recordings here for the appropriate whisper depending on the menu option chosen by the caller.

Upload recordings for call forwarding with whisper

Call Forward with Confirmation

This is a new feature especially for forwarding to mobiles with voicemail active, when the called party answers the phone they will be prompted to press ‘1’ to accept the call. If the called party does NOT press ‘1’ the call hangs up and the call is processed as if it was never answered.

This feature is especially good for ‘hunting groups’ ie. when you want to ring one mobile, followed by another, followed by another and so on. Previously there was a possibility the first mobile would be off or unreachable and the call would go to straight to voicemail, the press1 system would consider the phone answered and it would never ring the next in line. Now using confirmation the voicemail will answer the call, but because confirmation is not received, the next phone in line will ring..

How to use it:
When building your call flow, select “Forward to Number (confirm):”.

Forwarding using confirm

this feature also includes call whisper

Pressed Digit Included in Voicemail

Previously when you received a voicemail you had no idea which menu option had been pressed. Now the last number the caller pressed is included in the voicemail text.

How to use it:
This feature is active by default, you can see new title ‘Pressed’ in the email content.

Improved Notifications

Notifications are now more flexible, we’ve left the original notification when call answered (you might have seen a new ‘label’ on your notifications indicating “call”) but you can now also add notifications anywhere in your call flow and include ‘labels’ so you can identify where the notifications originated. You can also set individual email addresses which means notifications can go to anyone you choose.

How to use it:
To use this feature simply select the action ‘Send Notification’ when building a call-flow,enter the email address you would like the notification to go to and the label which will be used in the email.

To give an example of how this might be used. Let’s say we have two people answering phones in a ‘hunting group’, firstly the call goes to Alice, if Alice is busy or unavailable then the call follows on to Bob, if Bob is unavailable then the call follows on to voicemail.  We want Alice and Bob to get notifications of the calls they miss.

Here’s an example of how this setup might look.

Example of using notifications

Google Analytics Integration

You can now plot your callers activity on Google Analytics.  This is perfect if you are using your switchboards to track add campaigns or if you just want to see graphically how many people choose a certain option.

You simply add analytics tracking anywhere you wish in the call-flow using a unique label to identify where in the switchboards call flow has been visited.

How to use it:
Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to getting started.

1) Setup an new domain on your analytics account called  (Where you replace YOURNUMBER by your switchboard number)
2) Take the analytics account code (begins with UA-) and enter it in Press1 on the ‘Account Details’ page.
3) There are default tracking points which will start collecting immediately ( ‘call’ – when call arrives,  ‘open-call’ -routed to open menu  and ‘closed-call’ ) – You can also optionally add additional tracking points in your call flow with action ‘Google Analytics Track’, enter any label which relates to the position on the switchboard (for example 1-open when caller presses ‘1’)
4) Wait for your data to come in (should be updated after about an hour)

TIP: Your analytics domain status needs to be ‘collecting data’ on the Overview page (in Analytics),  if it’s failing to start collecting click ‘Edit’ , then in the top right ‘Check Status’

To view data in analytics select  ‘Content‘ from the Analytics menu, each label you entered will be  represented as a ‘page title’ and ‘page views‘ (not Visits) will represent the number of times the tracker has been ‘hit’.

Do post or email us if you have feedback.
Press1 team

7 thoughts on “More new features and improvements on Press1 switchboards

  1. Carl

    Great job guys, just one thing, when you do ‘Confirm’ it doesn’t play the Whisper for that line, just says ‘Press 1’, it should really say (the whisper recording) then , ‘Press 1 to answer or hang up to send to next number’.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for comment – We have updated the ‘forward with confirm’ to include whisper. The announcement ‘press 1’ will be replaced shortly, we are just waiting for a batch of records to come back from studio but did not want this to delay release.

  3. Carl

    Hi, Thats great, you guys are really helpful, just going though the changes here and amending our call que, There is one thing we notices you cant put a Label on a voicemail e-mail? You have to send a ‘Sales – Missed’ notification first then a voicemail, you can’t do it in one e-mail? it that correct?

  4. Carl

    …is there a character limit on the Label’ and can you not include spaces?

  5. admin Post author

    There is one thing we notices you cant put a Label on a voicemail e-mail

    that is correct. But the digit pressed is included in the voicemail message.

    and can you not include spaces?

    No spaces but you can use ‘-‘ or ‘_’ , we wanted consistency with labels used for google analytics
    No limit is set for length.

  6. Carl


    Any chance of music while Press1 is going though the numbers to find them an operator rather than just the ringing sound?

  7. admin Post author

    Thanks for feedback, your comments have been passed onto development team.

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