More New Features and Improvements

We have added some more new features to the press1 system

– More flexible time control
– More space for recordings
– Call whisper
– Improved user interface experience

More flexible time control

Previously you could only set the days you were open and a fixed open/closed time for the week.
We have completely revised the time control to allow individual times per day and included an option to close for a lunch break (Phew!).

The time controller has also been updated to ‘remember’ your settings so if you switch to ‘always open’ or ‘always closed’ your ‘defined’ settings will be remembered.
TIP: Use <TAB> to move through time settings, there’s also an auto-complete function which will complete the zero’s for you if you only enter hours (don’t forget to use 24hr clock)

More space for sound recordings

You used to be able to store 10 recordings,  we know some of you found this a bit limiting.
You can now store up to 30 sound recordings on your switchboard (Hurray!) .

Call whisper

We’ve added a new call forward ‘action’ which provides a ‘call whisper’ to announce the digit pressed by the caller.  For example if  someone calls you (and call whisper is active) then presses ‘1’, you (the call receiver) will here ‘line 1’ being announced immediately after answering (the caller hears ringing).

To activate choose “Forward to number (whisper)” as the call flow action. This feature is useful if you want to answer the line differently for different menu options or if you have no caller-id and want to be sure it’s  a press1 call.

Improved user interface experience

– We have improved the sound recordings upload facility to provide better feedback (and parallel file uploads).

– We have improved the ‘menu builder’ by making the interface faster and more consistent when adding/removing digits from the call menu.

– Help ON/OFF button is now persistent over login/out ie. of you turn the context help OFF then it will stay off until you turn it back on (even if you logout).

4 thoughts on “More New Features and Improvements

  1. Bob

    A great new set of features.

    All the Press1 system is missing now is call queing/stacking – eg, keeping people holding in a loop until a free line comes available. If no free line after say 2 mins,then send to voicemail….

    Keep up the good work


  2. Julian

    Great set of features – signed up for a trial today and I’m very impressed!

    Just one suggestion that would hugely improve the service for us: let us define a list of names and telephone numbers in a “phone book” and allow names to be selected as pull-downs when redirecting calls. We often have to change the person responding to one of our support lines, and this would be a godsend.



  3. admin

    Thanks for the feedback – we will add it to the development ‘wish list’.

  4. Carl

    Good update guys…
    Just a few things missing from my point of view:

    – Upload recording for Whispers

    – Line selected number in voicemail e-mail

    – Second selection layer in the menu

    – Open/closed on bank holidays

    – Call queing/stacking (Bob mentioned above)

    – Hold a call

    (adviser press # and the call goes on hold, plays
    a recording, i don’t know if that is do-able)

    Just a few things there, but press 1 is a
    really good service guys, thanks very much
    for your hard work.

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