Less time on calls; more time to work; more money in the bank!

Running a small business, be it from home or from your own office space, is always going to take up a lot of your time and multi tasking is a skill that if not already present will be learnt very quickly.

One of the best things to hear when starting out in business is the sound of the phone ringing, clients wanting information and putting business your way, but after a while the interruptions can actually hinder your business. Each time you stop to answer the call and then the subsequent query the task at hand gets put to one side and at times may even be forgotten.

By using a Virtual Switchboard some simple procedures can be put in place to help manage your phone related time and make your day run smoothly and more effectively. Here are some ideas that could save you time and make you more money:

  • Have a professional and well worded voicemail message; encourage your caller to leave not only their name and number but also a short message explaining their query
  • Reserve a ‘timeslot’ in your day for returning calls; customers don’t mind leaving messages so long as they can be sure they will get a reply
  • Use your Virtual Switchboard system to manage all your calls. You’re never ‘engaged’ with a Virtual Switchboard so you can be sure every call will be answered meaning no customers are lost
  • Make the most of the Virtual Receptionist function within your Virtual Switchboard; have often asked questions such as opening hours or a contact address pre recorded
  • Forward your calls instantly to relevant people. For instance if you have an outsourced marketing or finance department by allowing your caller to ‘press 2 for marketing’ you not only make yourself look bigger you also save yourself from asking your caller to ring another number

By managing your calls efficiently using a Virtual Switchboard you can work smarter, making you more effective in your operations.

One thought on “Less time on calls; more time to work; more money in the bank!

  1. Demo Andu

    Press1 is the best virtual answering system I have ever used. It is perfect for my business and I never miss a call or a phone number. I have had so many extra sales by capturing the callers number and calling them back pronto

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