What’s the difference between an 0845 and 0844 number ?

After our last blog post “What does it cost to call an 0844 number ?” we got some questions relating to differences between 0845 and 0844 numbers. We thought we would share this via our blog as it’s obviously of interest.

Here’s some Q&A’s which should help you decide what’s right for you

What’s an 0845/0844 number ?
Both 0845 and 0844 are in a range classed as NTS (number translation services) and designed for businesses, government departments and ‘other entities’ using services like press1 at national level.

0845 are known as ‘local NTS’ because call rates are similar to local rates from a BT line.
0844 are known as ‘fixed rate NTS’ because rates are the same at any time of day or night.

Is 0845 or 0844 better for my business ?

Both 0844 and 0845 are widely used by all types of businesses. The fact that 0845 is slightly cheaper and sometimes bundled with free minutes means that the general public may favour calling 0845. However from our experience neither 0844 or 0845 have a ‘stigma’ which prevents calling (like the 0871 which is used to generate revenue share).

What’s the cost of calling an 0845 or 0844 number ?

BT rates at the time of posting are as follows but charges from other networks will vary.

0844 – 5.1p (Daytime) 5.1p (Evening) 5.1p (Weekend)
0845 – 4p (Daytime) 1p (Evening) 1p (Weekend)
(charges include VAT and are rounded to nearest 10th of a pence)

For comparison Virgin Media prices are

0845 – 10.2p (Daytime) 10.2p (Evening) 10.2p (Weekend)
0844 – 10.4p (Daytime) 10.4p (Evening) 10.4p (Weekend)

*note that some call plans will bundle destinations with free minutes

How much does 0845 and 0844 cost to call from my mobile ?

Each mobile operator dictates their own pricing to these number ranges and charges may vary based on your price plan. Cost per minute for 0844/0845 are normally between 20p and 40p per minute if not bundled with free minutes. Often call plan rates are printed on the reverse of your bill. If you are in doubt contact your mobile provider.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of 0844/0845 ?

– 0844 and 0845 numbers are national so you can bring your number with you if you change location.
– 0844 numbers are generally not available when calling from abroad.
– Some pre-paid calling card providers block all calls to 08 numbers.
– 0845 numbers may be cheaper to call than a local geographic number, depending on calling parties operator and location.
– Calling from mobile may be expensive depending on calling parties operator and bundled plan.