What does it cost to call an 0844 number ?

A question we get asked at Press1 all the time is “what does it cost to call an 0844 number?”.

An 0844 number is known as a Fixed Rate non-geographic number. This means it’s the same price for the caller at any time of the week.

Ofcom (the telecom regulator) issue several price bands for the 0844 number range, the highest being the ‘5p per minute’ band. This is by far the most common 0844 type in usage and the type we issue at press1.

This means that the caller always pays the fixed call price of 5.1p per minute when calling a press1 0844 number from anywhere in the UK on a BT landline. You, as the 0844 number holder, do not pay anything to receive the call.

Calls to an 0844 number from a standard BT landline line will cost the caller (including VAT):
5.1p (Daytime)
5.1p (Evening)
5.1p (Weekend)

(price correct at time of post – see http://www.bt.com/pricing/current/Call_Charges_boo/1632_d0e5.htm)

The price of calling from other providers (than BT) will depend on the individual operator and price plan, calls may cost more or less than BT.

It’s important to note that 0844 numbers MAY not be reachable from some countries abroad.