3 ways a virtual switchboard can improve your marketing ROI

A virtual switchboard gives you a new phone number that can be redirected to any landline or mobile number of your choice, meaning that wherever you are your phone will be answered and you won’t miss out on important calls from your customers; but your virtual switchboard can be used for so much more…

1. When placing adverts in trade journals and magazines you can never be sure quite what your ROI is, who would have called you anyway even without the advert? By using a separate virtual switchboard number you can monitor the calls coming from your advert showing you exactly how much business is being generated.

2. This can be taken further still; which marketing channel is working hardest for you? By using different numbers in different places, again you can monitor the results and make informed tangible decisions on where your marketing budget is working the best.

3. By using the local number option from your virtual switchboard in publications such as local papers potential customers will think they’re using a local company. People like to think they’re supporting local businesses, this may seem a bit sneaky but if it gets you more sales so much the better.

At the end of the day all the above options could be done with ‘normal’ phone lines but you would have to go through the hassle and expense of installations and 12 month+ contracts, with a virtual switchboard extra numbers are easy to set up and simple to cancel once you’ve got the results you were looking for.