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Virtual Switchboard Screen Shots
Screen shot of opening hours section

Fig: Opening Hours This is where you configure your switcboard opening and closing times. When a call arrives during 'open' it will be handled by the 'open' menu (see next slide)

Screen shot of open menu

Fig: Open MenuThis is where you configure what happens to your calls when 'open'. Just click the 'unused digits' to add a new key press event to your switchboard menu. Call handling is updated immediately.

Screen shot of closed menu

Fig: Closed Menu This is where you configure what happens to your calls when 'closed'. Typically users just want to play a message and collect a voicemail (illustrated above) but you can add keypress digits just like the open menu (closed menu has exactly the same functionality as the open menu).

Screen shot of recordings

Fig: Sound Recordings This is where you can upload recordings for use on your switchboard. We can provide professional quality recordings, or you can record your own on a PC with microphone.

Screen shot of account settings

Fig: Account Settings This is where you view and change account settings such as login password.

Screen shot of account statement

Fig: Account Statement This is where you view your billing statement. Clicking on call charges will give you a drill down of any calls made and any related charges (such as forwarding to mobile)






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