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  • Latest Promotional offer from Press1

    Greeting from,     This is to let you know that Press1 are launching their pre-Christmas promotional campaign as of right now. Promotion Sign up for a Press 1 account ‘this week’ and receive 50% off the sign-up fee. Simply quote this special promotional code ( Press 123) when signing up by calling 0870 489 8989 […]

  • Virtual Switchboard services are now empowering the small business in call management.

    Small companies are enjoying a flexibility they never had before through full online customisation and control of their phone systems. In today’s highly competitive market place, small businesses now have the opportunity to increase their flexibility and options by availing of the many online services currently on offer. Central Statistics Office figures indicate that seven […]

  • "Refer a friend" – Press 1's Promotional campaign’s flexible call management systems for small businesses. The most user-friendly Virtual Switchboard Service. THIS WEEKS PROMOTION – ‘Refer a friend’! Recommend a friend to sign-up to a full Press 1 account and reclaim their start-up fee. How to reclaim your signup fee. Send an email of your ‘friends’ press1 number and contact detail’s to […]

  • Press1's virtual switchboard offers small businesses greater flexibility in call management.

    With Press 1’s virtual switchboard, small businesses can now offer quicker customer service whilst saving thousands of pounds with their own automated telephone switchboard. A common difficulty that small business owners share has been trying to juggle the day to day operations and logistics of their company while having to man and answer their business […]