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  • Must know business tip from Press1

    Just to keep in touch, here is a must know piece of information for you and your business. Did you know? – An 0845 number costs LESS to call than a LOCAL call. That means… If your business is in Glasgow using an 0845 number, it would COST YOUR CUSTOMER MORE to call a LOCAL […]

  • Press1 re-run fantastic promotion.

    …………………. Due to great demand, Press1 in association with Freespeech are re-running their latest promotional campaign and it starts NOW! The first 30 people to sign-up to Press1’s Virtual Switchboard Service for Small Businesses will receive the sign-up fee for only £0.99. This is our lowest offer ever so BE QUICK! Log on to […]

  • Press1's new and improved affiliate program is now live!

    Attention – With Press1’s improved affiliate program you can now earn a massive 10% revenue share. Our Virtual Switchboard Service (flexible call management system) is ideal for the small business or start-up as it provides great value, high quality and has the flexibility to grow and change with a company. All you need is a […]