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Press1 Customer Testimonials!

Our customers tell us of their experiences with Press1’s Virtual Switchboard Service for small businesses.     

Ben Vallack

Phototropic Productions,

 “I have been using Press1 for several months now and am very happy. It allows me to have one number that I can use regardless of where I’m working, which is often in different locations. It can forward to several numbers at the same time so it can be answered on different phones. I also find the voicemail to email feature and the caller id emails very useful. The pricing is competitive and the staff are helpful. I also liked the fact that they didn’t want a large deposit like some companies that offer 0845 number registration. A great service. “ 

Kevin Borgers 

“What I like about using the Press 1 virtual switchboard, is that it’s so simple and fast to use.  The speed is important for me as I am always on the go and need to set up switchboard parameters quickly.  Thank you press 1 – keep up the great service!” 

Stephen lee MD – Jumbocruiser Ltd., operator of sleeper coaches to the music industry. 

“This great system makes people think twice about calling me out of hours, yet allows emergencies to get through. I now sleep at night during the hectic summer period.” 

Suanne Clarke 

“Press1 have demonstrated that they excel in great customer service and technical support. The Press1 service has improved the professional outfit of our company and we have already gained positive feedback from our clients. They have delivered a great product within a timely manner – I would have no hesitation in recommending Press1 services.” 

Caroline Swords, 

“Press 1 call management is a great service for the price. It’s simple to set up, and offers great flexibility in how calls are managed – the call forwarding especially is excellent for tele-workers.” 

Nigel Browne

Novelty Imports,

“Best decision ever made! Customers love a low-call number, our business has increased phenomenally. Highly recommended.” 


Press1's Spring Promo is on!

Press1 logo 

This is to let you know that because our Christmas campaign ran so well we will be extending it as Press1’s Spring Promotion.


Sign-up to Press1’s Virtual Switchboard Service before the 18th of February and receive 60% off.

Sign-up usually                                        £24.99
With Spring Promotional discount       £9.99

Watch your business bud, grow and develop with the help of Press1’s flexible call management system.
Design and build your own unique call management system that meets your business requirements.

– Go to the Press1 sign-up page and enter your details along with the special promo code “xmas” and your up and running in a matter of minutes.
– Alternatively try it out for free and see it work for you.

Offer available until the 18/02/08.

For more information about go to:

Phone: 0870 489 8989

What is your biggest problem in call management as a small business owner?

We at Press1 are very interested to here your thoughts and comments on this.

Examples: Operating from different locations, missing important calls, taking calls that waste time.

Please comment! launches new non-geographic number profile’s new slimer service profile

Give your business a professional image and a national presence with one of Press1’s non-geographic business numbers.

Number ranges include 0844, 0845 and 0870.
Also memorable numbers are available.

Calls to your non-geographic number are routed to a regular landline of your choice FREE of charge.

There is no additional hardware, you don’t pay any incoming call charges and you use your existing phone for answering your calls. So no extra lines needed.

Order NOW by calling 0870 489 8989

Prices (ex VAT)
Number Activation Monthly
0844: £24.99 FREE
0845: £24.99 £4.99
0870: £24.99 FREE


  • Rout calls to any UK landline for FREE
  • No equipment or extra lines to install
  • Free from minimum contract agreements
  • Gives your company a National presence
  • Memorable to the customer
  • Home workers can protect their home phone numbers
  • Access to sophisticated and flexible business services as your company grows

For more information:

Web site:
Phone: 0870 489 8989

Seasons Greetings from,

This is to let you know that to get into the Christmas spirit, Press1 are running a Christmas promotion.


Sign-up to Press1’s Virtual Switchboard Service before the 31st of  December and receive 60% off.

Sign-up usually                     £24.99
With Christmas discount       £9.99

Be prepared for business in the new year with Press1’s flexible call management system.
Design and build your own unique call management system that meets your business requirements.

Sign-up now and recieve the special Christmas discount.
Try it out for free and see it work for you.

To avail:

Enter the special Christmas discount code, xmas,  in the “promo code” section of the sign-up page and your up a running.

Terms and conditions:

Offer availible untill the 31/12/07.


For more information about go to:

Phone: 0870 489 8989

Press 1 Customer Profiles

Press 1’s Virtual Switchboard Service is ideal for the small business of between 1 and 10 employees that would benefit from control over their oncoming calls.

The system allows businesses to design, build and manage their own unique call management system using a specifically selected combination of a number of advanced telephone features such as:

The flexibility of this business telephone system means that it is suitable for a wide variety of business profiles/models and their different requirements.

Below are examples of those that we deal with:


SOHO (Small office or Home office)

Press 1 is ideal for the one or two man company that operates from a small or home office, multiple locations or on the move.


  • Never miss a call
  • Take calls on the move or from different locations using the one business phone number
  • Only receive business calls on your home phone during office hours
  • Enjoy the presence of a larger company and add to your professional image
  • As little as £4.99 a month

Using a collection of the features outlined above you can configure your system to operate in unison with you SOHO business.

Try our free trial here and design your own system.



Many companies in the service sector operate on the move and from different locations. All their calls are important to them but usually require different employees to deal with them. Press 1 will become an extra employee for them to manage their incoming calls.


  • Never miss a call
  • Take calls on the move or from different locations using the one business number
  • Ensure your customer speaks to the right person
  • Save time and money by increasing efficiency
  • Enjoy the presence of a larger company and add to your professional image
  • As little as £4.99 a month

Benefit from full use and control over the features mentioned above to customise your system to your business requirements.

Try our free trial here and design your own system.


Online Business

Many online businesses like to conduct most of their operations online like e-commerce systems and providing customer support through email.They like to provide their customers with contact details as it looks more professional and trustworthy and provide access to important information.


  • Provide your customers with a trustworthy contact number
  • Filter your calls so you only receive the ones that convert into money
  • Provide important customer info without answering/manning the phone
  • Save time and money by increasing efficiency
  • Enjoy the presence of a larger company and add to your professional image
  • As little as £4.99 a month

This system is ideal for the online business as it can optimise efficiency in call management and be configured, changed and managed online 24/7.

Try our free trial here and design your own system.


Business abroad

Operating in the UK market from abroad is a common business profile at present. Press 1’s Virtual Switchboard Services offers a great solution to these companies.


  • Get a trust building presence in the UK with a UK business number
  • Forward calls to one or multiple phone lines abroad, even mobiles
  • Have access to a full range of advanced telephone features
  • Enjoy the presence of a larger company and add to your professional image
  • As little as £4.99 a month

It is important to have a presence in the UK if operating in that market. Customise your own call management system around your UK business number and operate at ease from abroad.

Try our free trial here and design your own system.

Welcome to the Press1 Affiliate Program

The Internet is revolutionising the way telecommunications work, the micro enterprise (1-10 employee companies) are the fastest to adopt these new technologies and use the flexibility and cost savings to advance their business.

Reports show the micro-enterprise and small businesses in Europe are becoming more knowledge based, requiring more advanced information and communication technology but they are clearly badly served by traditional telecommunications. Yet they account for two thirds of all employed people in the EU (that’s 57 million people) and 25% of all IT spending.

This affiliate program allows you to profit from revolutionary telecommunications changes by simply linking to the Press1 website.

How it works

When you join the Press1 affiliate program, you will be supplied with a URL (web link) that you can place within your website, newsletters ,emails or printed brochures.

When a visitor uses your link to Press1, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. If the visitor decides to join Press1 the client will be logged as part of your program. You will be paid a monthly revenue share from that client. As your client base grows, your monthly revenue share continues to to grow. It’s as simple as that.

Online terminal

We provide an online terminal which enables tracking of your client base. You can see statistics on client visit’s and sign up’s and view your account balance and payouts.


Enhance your current offering by bundling a voice service that makes you money.

Get recurring revenue by growing your client base.

No management required by you

Sign up now !….and start earning money

Program Details

Commission: 5% of receipted sales (ex. VAT)

Payout Timing: Payments are made at the end of each month for the previous month.

Requirements: You must have a website with a reseller link to Press1. You must have a UK bank account.

If you would like to find out more about Press1’s Virtual Switchboard Service go to:


Phone: 0870 489 8989


Latest Promotional offer from Press1

Greeting from,    

This is to let you know that Press1 are launching their pre-Christmas promotional campaign as of right now.


Sign up for a Press 1 account ‘this week’ and receive 50% off the sign-up fee.
Simply quote this special promotional code ( Press 123) when signing up by calling 0870 489 8989 and receive the special offer.
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Terms and Conditions

– Offer is available from today 19/11/07 to 26/11/07.
– 50% sign-up fee will be credited to your Press 1 account

To find out  more contact us at;

Phone; 0870 489 8989

We look forward to hearing from you.


Virtual Switchboard services are now empowering the small business in call management.

Small companies are enjoying a flexibility they never had before through full online customisation and control of their phone systems.

In today’s highly competitive market place, small businesses now have the opportunity to increase their flexibility and options by availing of the many online services currently on offer.

Central Statistics Office figures indicate that seven out of every ten businesses have their own websites with a proportion of these developing e-commerce sites.

With Internet service offers in areas such as marketing, sales, management and communications; SME’s are now in a position to retain a competitive edge through greater service availability at increasingly lower prices.

Innovative online services in the telecommunications sector such as the Virtual Switchboard Service for small business continue to evolve and gain popularity. The Virtual Switchboard is essentially an online call management system, which allows the customer to log on to an online account and manage their incoming calls. These services are designed to increase efficiency, flexibility and professionalism for the small business when dealing with their clientele over the phone. offers virtual switchboard services specifically for small business consisting of 1-10 employees. Their aim is to provide a system that allows the user an optimum level of flexibility that will increase their competitive advantage.’s system gives companies the opportunity to log on to their online account and design their own unique call management system specific to their requirements.

Companies will have full online access and control of features including call forwarding to multiple phone lines, IVR configuration (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support) to welcome and direct customers to the right person, voice mail via email, voice recordings and playback manager, email with caller ID, and they can configure their system to take calls differently at different times (of the day, days of the week) i.e. opening and closing times.

Through a personal selection and configuration of these features the user can customise their system to suit their unique business requirements.

The flexibility and adaptability of the virtual switchboard service has attracted a variety of business users ranging from the home-worker to the trades man, events managers to web designers!

Lets try and highlight the flexibility of this service by demonstrating how efficiently it could be adapted within various market sectors:

Scenario 1). An online shop – selling computer hardware.

They may be a small company but they receive a large amount of calls. They would like to offer customer support through email while receiving just sales calls. They use the IVR system to filter their calls, so they direct their sales calls to a manned phone line (press 1 for sales) and their support calls to a voice recording (press 2 for support), providing customers with details of how to receive email support or important customer information. This enables efficient management of calls so that they maximise cost effectiveness by only taking the calls they wish.

The system also provides them with the presence of a larger company and adds to their professional image greeting their customer and redirecting them to the right “department” or person.

Scenario 2). An Events Agency.

Each of their customers is important to them as they offer a high quality service to a low volume of customers. They wish to receive every call that comes through but they are always on the move between home, the office and meeting clients.

They like to use the advanced call forwarding to forward calls to multiple lines. They have their home line, office line and their mobile ring at the same time so they can receive the call on the first phone they pick up no matter where they are. Alternatively they use their IVR system to direct customers to the right person (press 3 for Tom, press 4 for Jerry) and they receive email alerts with caller ID so they never loose prospectus customer.

After office hours they direct callers to leave a voice mail and receive it as an email so they can access their voice mail from any computer with Internet access.

They maximise the amount of calls they receive and never miss out on important business opportunities.

Virtual switchboard systems can be customised to specific requirements but can also be managed and changed online at the click of a mouse.

These type of services are really giving the smaller business an increase in competitive advantage – allowing them to appear as a larger company, adding to their professional image and giving them a great deal of flexibility.

As it is easily configured and managed by the customer, it is adaptable and suitable for a wide range of business types.

The fact that the virtual switchboard is hosted online means that most of the traditional costs of providing these telecom services have evaporated making it readily affordable and accessible to the smaller business helping them to gain that all important foot hold in their respective markets.

For more information on Virtual Switchboard Services go to or contact;

Cristian Petcu

Business Development Manager


Phone; 0870 489 8989

"Refer a friend" – Press 1's Promotional campaign’s flexible call management systems for small businesses.
The most user-friendly Virtual Switchboard Service.

THIS WEEKS PROMOTION – ‘Refer a friend’!

Recommend a friend to sign-up to a full Press 1 account and reclaim their start-up fee.

How to reclaim your signup fee.

  • Send an email of your ‘friends’ press1 number and contact detail’s to and we will credit your account with their start-up fee when they have completed one month of service.

– This promotion is valid until 31/12/2007.
– Free trial sign-ups will not be credited, only fully paid sign-ups.
– Friend accounts must be active for at least one month.
– Start-up fee will be credited to your Press 1 account.
– You must be holder of a press1 account at the time of ‘friends’ signup.
– No cash will be exchanged

For more information go to or call 0870 489 8989.
We look forward to hearing from you.