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New Call Features and Improved User Interface

We have added some new features to press1 and improved the user interface.

New featured added are:
Improved ‘call flow’ building: We have a new more flexible web interface for changing the call flow after a digit is pressed.
Call hunting:  Let’s you perform ‘follow on’ calls (previously only group calling) .
Call forward timer: setting allows you determine how long phone will ring before next action.
Go back to greeting: You can now collect a digit, play a message and send the caller back to the switchboard menu.
Separate busy handling: You can now have a different busy message or voicemail on each menu option (old system had common busy handling)

Read on for more details on configuring each feature

Improved ‘call flow’ building

Now call flow is much more flexible than before, it allows you to customise how the call will be handled after the caller selects a phone digit..

Here’s an example of how to build a basic call flow which forwards to number after the caller presses ‘1’ , but if busy will play a message and collect a voicemail.

Step 1. Add a new digit to your switchboard

step 1

Step 2. Change the first action to Forward to Number.

Step 2 -

Step 3.  Set the number (or numbers, you add up to 3 for group calling) and set ring time.

step 3

Step 4.  Add the next step by clicking [+] or add next action

Step 4

Step 5.  Select the voicemail message you want to play if the ‘forward to’ number is busy

Step 6. Click add next action again and select Voicemail then email. (note that you can’t add any more actions because it will hang up after voicemail is left)

Step 6

Call Hunting

In the past we only supported group calling (ringing a number of phones in parallel) when forwarding. We now also support call hunting, which means you can have follow on calls.

As an example we will show you how to setup hunting to call a landline phone for 30 seconds, then if there’s no answer follow with a call to mobile.

Step 1. Set the first menu action to Forward to Number.

Step 1

Step 2. Enter the landline number you wish to forward to and set the ring time to 30.

Step 3. Click the [+] or add next action.

Step4. Set the action to Forward to Number and enter the mobile number with whatever ring time you require.
Note:  If you click Apply Changes without adding anything further the call will be hangup if the mobile is busy or unreachable.

Go Back to Greeting

Many users wanted an option to return to the main switchboard greeting after playing a recording, this menu adds that feature. Of course the call flow builder is flexible, so equally you could return to the main greeting if there’s nobody available to take a call.

Here’s a screen shot illustrating how you would play a message back to the caller after pressing ‘1’ (for example to find out your mailing address) then send them back to the main menu.

Separate Busy Handling

We have changed busy/unavailable handling so it’s more intuitive and best of all, not common to all key press options.
This gives much more flexibility, for example you can have individual voicemail per digit chosen (you might want voicemail from sales to go to sales dept, and voicemail from support to go to support dept. ) . Equally you can have customised messages per department.

Here’s a screenshot illustrating the setup of a  separate busy meassage and voicemail email  for ‘1’ and ‘2’

Planned Work 21-01-2010@17:30 for 3 hours – No Login possible

We have planned maintenance on Thursday 21st of Jan @ 17:30 to improve switchboard functionality.

Work window is from 17:30 to 20:30, during this period there will be restricted access to your online account. CALLS WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.

We will have a service announcement on completion to bring you details of the improvements.

VAT reduction

From Jan 1st 2010 VAT was reduced from 21.5% to 21%.
All VAT savings are past on to consumers.

The change in VAT affects pricing as follows

The following charges excluding VAT remain unchanged (ie. the price including VAT will be lower than before)
– All call charges
– All monthly charges

The charges excluding VAT were changed (ie. the price including VAT remains the same as before VAT change)
– All setup/activation fee’s
– Top-ups for Pay As You Use
There is no loss of benefit to the consumer for these changes as the full charge amount is credited to the balance on account (for example the pay-as-you-use top-up will still be 20 but calls are cheaper so the balance will last longer).

All charges can be viewed on our website.

If you are unclear on any issue related to VAT change please do not hesitate to contact support.

Q. Why are you charging 21% VAT ?

21% is the new Irish VAT rate where press1 HQ is based.
There are special rules for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronically supplied services.
In the case of business to consumer services are taxable at the place where the supplier is established.
In the case of supply to UK VAT registered businesses no VAT is charged.

Outage today (5-01-2010)

We had an outage today of incoming call handling.
Fault Start Time: 11:11am
Fault Resolution Time: 12:37pm

Initial fault led to 30% of calls failing, removal of the faulty node led to overload and complete failure of all calls. The faulty nodes continue to be pro-actively monitored, the manufacturers are performing a full investigation.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

New Referral Program

We’d like to let you all know, we have a new referral program.

It’s an easy way for existing customers to benefit from referring others to the press1 service.

It’s very easy to use – no special application forms or subscription is required.

How it works
You get someone new to sign up as a customer and we will credit your press1 account with the sign-up fee they paid.

Click here to find out more

A new video – How to record sound files in Audacity

Here’s how to record sound files for upload to press1 using audacity – audacity is a nifty cross platform FREE sound recorder/editor

A new video on how to record and upload sound files

Here’s our new vid. on making and uploading sound files

New video's introducing the press1 control panel

Just released a new video to help users understand the basics of the press1 web control panel

Changes to 0870 Switchboard pricing

The pricing for our 0870 switchboard has been revised to 14.99 per month (ex. VAT)

All new subscriptions will see this effect immediately, the new prices are reflected on the website.
Existing customers will be updated to the new pricing plan in November automatically ( monthly charge for Oct. will be at the old price level, charge for Nov. will be at the new level.

Questions and Answers

Q.Why have you reviewed pricing ?
A.Ofcom the UK regulator has introduced new regulations regarding 0870 numbers (see below) which became active on August 1st 2009, the result of this change is that significantly less inbound revenue can be offset against the switchboard hosting cost’s – hence there’s an increase in the switchboard monthly fee.

Q. What are the changes ofcom has introduced ?
Changes are applied to regulations which strongly encourage all operators to keep 0870 number call pricing equal or below the cost of a national call.  The changes refer to how operators must advertise pricing – see more on the ofcom website

Q. I have an existing 0870 switchboard, what are my options ?

A: You have a number of options
1) Keep your 0870 numbers and pay the new monthly charge
2) Change to an 0845 (local NTS) number for 9.99 per month – we can attach your old 0870 to an announcement so your customers will know where to call.
3) Change to an 0844 (fixed rate NTS) number for 4.99 per month – we can attach your old 0870 to an announcement so your customers will know where to call.
Note: There is no charge for changing accounts.

Unplanned Service Outage – 23-1-2009

A failure in our core network early this morning lead to an unexpected service outage, voice service was restored by 10:00am and full web services by 10:30am.

We are investigating the exact cause of the problem, once isolated we will put measures in place to prevent the same problem re-occurring.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Press1 Support